CIRM Semester on Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Neuroscience

Semester on Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Neuroscience

CIRM Marseille

October – November 2011

Registration from June, 1st to September, 1st, 2011


Neuroscience and its applications are greatly developing world-wide and Europe is one of the important contributors to the advancement of this discipline. Because of the variety of topics that it has to address, it is characterized by a very broad inter-disciplinarity and requires the cooperation of actors in several fields of knowledge.

In this context, the need for developing new theoretical, mathematical, and computational tools can be clearly identified and must be addressed. The purpose of this semester is to present some of the relevant modern mathematical tools through short courses and to explore several facets of the current research through workshops.

Program committee: P. Bressloff (University of Utah), N. Brunel (Université Paris 5), P. Chossat (CNRS – INRIA), O. Faugeras (ENS – INRIA), W. Gerstner (EPFL), V. Jirsa (CNRS – Université de la Méditerranée). 


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