Progress in Neural Field Theory 2012

We are pleased to announce the second CINN Neural Fields Conference, held April 19-21, 2012, at the University of Reading, UK. The conference is sponsored by the CINN, with the support of the EPSRC.



Neural Computation and Neural Field Theory is a growing and very active area of research with important applications in medicine and technology. Activities range from the simulation of individual neurons to numerical treatment of neural field equations, from modeling and identification of cognitive and psychological processes in a neural environment to building natural or artificial devices. The community includes researchers from medicine, psychology, physics, mathematics and engineering, where ideas from different fields lead to a truly interdisciplinary and highly catalyzing environment. On this background the Reading Conferences on Neural Field Theory contribute to the further development and shaping of the community by bringing together well-known and young researchers in an inspiring mixture of tutorials, special sessions and invited talks by leaders in the field.

Call for posters

Attendees are invited to submit posters describing their research. A selection of these posters will be made available throughout the conference, and presented in a dedicated session. Furthermore there will be a contributed talks session whereby researchers have the opportunity to present their work. Interested researchers should submit a title and an abstract for both the contributed talks and posters to Natalie Lowery, [email protected] or Alexander Moodey,[email protected] by March 19th, midnight.

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