Welcome to SpringerPlus!

It is my pleasure to introduce Springer’s new Open Access journal open for research from all disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine. SpringerPlus offers easy submission, fast processing and straightforward publication of your results.

At SpringerPlus we believe there should be as few barriers as possible to publish the results of scientific research. Authors invest a lot of time and effort before an article is accepted and, with the high level of specialization of many scientific journals, authors must often submit the same manuscript to several journals consecutively. SpringerPlus is not like that. SpringerPlus won’t reject articles because the subject is deemed out of scope, unfashionable, a niche field or unable to attract citations. The only thing necessary for SpringerPlus is that manuscripts are scientifically and methodologically sound when judged by our academic editors and peer-reviewers. Put simply, SpringerPlus will consider any article from any field, however interdisciplinary, as long as the science is sound. We aim to be predictable, fast and low-effort for our authors while still maintaining the high quality readers expect from Springer. After all, all good science is worth publishing!

SpringerPlus publishes good quality research fast and with little extra effort. Our authors save time and resources by not having to reformat their work: we are happy to accept manuscripts already formatted for another journal. Researchers are also encouraged to submit review reports from previous journals as these may help the SpringerPlus review process. SpringerPlus practices a clear editorial decision policy: we only accept or reject manuscripts. Minor changes to the manuscript may be required but we will never ask an author to spend months performing additional research before an article can be accepted.

Editorial decisions on accept and reject are taken exclusively by our editorial board consisting entirely of academic scientists, all experts in their field. Today (January 12th 2012) we can introduce six editors and we expect to announce more shortly:

Biomedical and Life Sciences: Professor Jochen Graw, Helmholtz Center Munich, Germany
Chemistry and Materials Science: Professor Bradley Fahlman, Central Michigan University, USA
Earth and Environmental Sciences: Professor Charles W Finkl Florida Atlantic University, USA
Engineering: Lakhmi C Jain, University of South Australia, Australia
Mathematics: Panos M Pardalos, University of Florida, USA
Medicine: Dr Massoud Mahmoudi, University of California, San Francisco, USA

To find out more about SpringerPlus and the Editorial Board, or to submit your manuscript, please visit the SpringerPlus website at www.springerplus.com!

Max Haring, PhD
Executive editor for SpringerPlus

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