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Evolution: Education and Outreach is fortunate to have an enthusiastic  and talented group of researchers who have volunteered to review books for us. Usually, books are claimed by reviewers within 48 hours of the announcement that they are available! In addition to reviewers all around the United States, we have a reviewer from Chile, three in Italy, and one in Panama, at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. Pretty cool, huh?

Here are the books currently out for review.

[1] Baum, David A. and Stacey D. Smith. 2012. Tree thinking: An introduction to phylogenetic biology. Greenwood Village CO: Roberts.

[2] Boehm, Christopher. 2012. Moral origins: The evolution of virtue, altruism, and shame. New York: Basic Books.

[3] Bor, Daniel. 2012. The ravenous brain: How the new science of consciousness explains our insatiable search for meaning. New York: Basic Books.

[4] Burnham, Terry and Jay Phelan. 2012. Mean genes: From sex to money to food, taming our primal instincts. Cambridge MA: Perseus.

[5] Coen, Enrico. 2012. Cells to civilizations: Principles of change that shape life. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

[6] Douglas, Erwin and James Valentine. 2013. The Cambrian explosion: The construction of animal biodiversity. Greenwood Village CO: Roberts and Co. Publishers.

[7] Fairbairn, Daphne J. 2013. Odd couples: Extraordinary differences between the sexes in the animal kingdom. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

[8] Falk, Dean. 2011. The fossil chronicles: How two controversial discoveries changed our view of human evolution. Berkeley: University of California Press.

[9] Feduccia, Alan. 2012. Riddle of the feathered dragons: Hidden birds of China. New Haven: Yale University Press.

[10] Fitch, Walter M. 2012. The three failures of creationism: Logic, rhetoric, and science. Berkeley: University of California Press.

[11] Gray, Peter. 2013. Free to learn: Why unleashing the instinct to play will make our children happier, more self-reliant, and better students for life. New York: Basic Books.

[12] Hallgr ́ımsson, Benedikt and Brian Keith Hall. 2011. Epigenetics: Linking genotype and pheno- type in development and evolution. Berkeley: University of California Press.

[13] Long, John. 2012. Darwin’s devices: What evolving robots can teach us about the history of life and the future of technology. New York: Basic Books.

[14] Moran, Jeffrey P. 2012. American genesis: The antievolution controversies from Scopes to creation science. New York: Oxford University Press.

[15] Rosengren, Karl Sven. 2012. Evolution challenges: Integrating research and practice in teaching and learning about evolution. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

[16] Thompson, John N. 2012. Relentless evolution. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

[17] Tyrrell, Toby. 2013. On Gaia: A critical investigation of the relationship between life and Earth. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

[18] Westneat, David F. and Charles W. Fox. 2010. Evolutionary behavioral ecology. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

[19] Wiley, E. O. and Bruce S. Lieberman. 2011. Phylogenetics: Theory and practice of phylogenetics systematics. Hoboken: Wiley-Blackwell.

[20] Wilkins, John S. 2009. Species: A history of the idea. Berkeley: University of California Press.


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