3rd International Conference on Neural Field Theory

3rd International Conference on Neural Field Theory
University of Reading, June 16 – 18, 2014

Organised by Ingo Bojak, Stephen Coombes, Peter beim Graben, Bashar Hasan, Roland Potthast, Etienne Roesch, Douglas Saddy and Kelly Sloan

Neural Mass Modelling and Neural Field Theory is a growing and very active area of research with important applications in medicine and technology. Activities range from the simulation of neural populations to the analysis of neural field equations, from neural modelling of cognitive and psychological processes to controlling artificial devices. The connection between these models and measurement data, including large-scale data assimilation tasks, is of growing interest to many researchers.
The community includes researchers from medicine, psychology, physics, mathematics and engineering. The International Conferences on Neural Field Theory at the University of Reading contribute to the further development and shaping of this community by bringing together well-known and young researchers. Ideas from different fields meet here in a truly interdisciplinary and inspiring environment.The 3rd International Conference on Neural Field Theory is following a highly successful series of conferences which took place in 2010 and 2012. Confirmed speaker for this conference so far include:

Big Brain – from Model to Data and Back Again
– Stephen Coombes
– Viktor Jirsa
– Thomas Knösche
– Dimitris Pinotsis
– Roland PotthastApplications in Cognition and Control
– Wolfram Erlhagen

– Martin Giese
– Axel Hutt
– Etienne Roesch
– Nicolas Rougier
– Mohamed OubbatiApplications in Health and Disease
– Basabdatta Bhattacharya
– Ingo Bojak
– Mauro Ursino
– Sid Visser
– Fabrice Wendling

A provisional programme can be found at http://www.inverseproblems.info/icnft2014

Fee for Participants GBP 75. Lunches and Coffee will be provided.

Please register before April 15 online. There will be a “one slide, 3 minutes” speed presentation session. Contributions welcome, reserve your space before April 15 at


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