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APCs and history

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Paying for journal publication pre-dates the open access movement. They used to be called “page charges.”

It’s not the hotels: Water scarcity in Las Vegas

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Most of Las Vegas’ water use comes from households; and while the per capita water use has gone down somewhat in recent years, the city’s overall population growth has more than canceled that out. And while there are actions that the city has taken, those actions will eventually lose effectiveness.

SpringerPlus to receive an Impact Factor!

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The SpringerPlus Team & Board of Editors are proud to announce that SpringerPlus has been accepted for indexing by Thomson Reuters. The Journal will be listed in SCIE (ISI Web of Science), the Journal Citation Reports, Biological Abstracts, and BIOSIS. SpringerPlus will also receive its first Impact Factor in June 2016! Being accepted for these… Read more »


Bike helmets work.

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In the end, the authors suggest using all possible means—education, providing free or subsidized helmets, legislation—to get as many cyclists as possible to wear helmets. I always do, and have been grateful for mine when my bike and I have gone down.

Headache disorders are third cause of disability worldwide

(Guest post, cross-posted from The Journal of Headache and Pain, by Timothy J. Steiner, Gretchen L. Birbeck, Rigmor H. Jensen, Zaza Katsarava, Lars J. Stovner, and Paolo Martelletti) From time to time, there is news that is of particular consequence to all people affected by headache. In December 2012, Lancet published the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 (GBD2010). We wrote then [1]: “Few reports are likely… Read more »