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Call data records (CDRs) in review


As cell phone use has ballooned over the last several decades, so has an enormous data set of call data records (CDRs) which record (anonymously) our calls and texts, including not only with whom we communicated, but also when, and where. A new review titled “A survey of results on mobile phone datasets analysis” by Vincent Blondel, Adeline Decuyper and Gautier Krings published in EPJ Data Science surveys the research done with this extensive and powerful data set.

About I Open Access

I Open Access is here to showcase the individuals around the world who support the motivations behind the movement. “I Open Access” does just what the name suggests—it puts the “I” in open access.

Transitioning to open access. Or, an August interlude


(Opinion) (Written August 24, 2015) During this traditional late-summer (in the northern hemisphere, anyway) gap, I wanted to take some time and talk about my own experiences with open access “from the inside.” I “grew up” in traditional publishing—I even started out in book acquisitions for a large University press; and when I made the… Read more »