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Six months of open access posts


To celebrate OA Week—and also our sixth month of blogging—below you’ll find a list of the posts about open access we’ve published on the blog since we launched in April.

Competition benefits open access


When publishers have to compete for every article, we have to offer better products and services in order to prove our value. This competition—an inherent part of open access—has already led to innovations and improvements for authors.

Geofluid processes in subduction zones and mantle dynamics

Almost all physico-chemical characteristics of earth-forming materials are influenced by the presence of H2O. As N. L. Bowen stated in 1928, H2O plays the role of Maxwell’s demon—it does just what a petrologist may wish it to do [p. 282, The evolution of the igneous rocks (Bowen, 1928). In the following decades, this has been proven to be the case not only in petrology but in every field of solid Earth science.


International Geomagnetic Reference Field: An effort of standardization of the Earth’s magnetic field every five years

(Guest post Summarized by Hirokuni Oda) Special issue “International Geomagnetic Reference Field—the twelfth generation” was published as one of the thematic series of SpringerOpen journal “Earth, Planets and Space” (EPS). This special issue synthesizes the efforts made during the construction of the twelfth generation of the International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF-12) that was released online in… Read more »

Gas prices and motorcycle deaths


Rising gasoline prices are related to increased motorcycle sales. Increased motorcycle sales are related to increased motorcycle fatalities. The questions are: Why? And what to do about it?