A SpringerPlus 3rd Anniversary feature this October: Physics and Astronomy


This month we catch up with Professor Elias Brinks, Editor-in-Chief for Physics and Astronomy.

Professor Elias Brinks, Editor-in-Chief for Physics and Astronomy, SpringerPlus

Professor Elias Brinks earned his doctorate in astrophysics at Leiden University in The Netherlands. After Postdoctoral Fellowships at ESO Garching (Germany) and the Royal Greenwich Observatory (UK) he moved to the USA to take up a position as Associate Scientist at the NRAO-VLA in Socorro, New Mexico. He subsequently moved to “Old” Mexico, helping his Mexican colleagues to set up a Department of Astronomy at the University of Guanajuato and also worked as staff scientist at INAOE in Puebla.

Since September 2004 he is a Full Professor at the University of Hertfordshire where he currently is Associate Dean for Research in the School of Physics, Astronomy & Mathematics. His research focuses on nearby normal and dwarf galaxies, galaxy interactions, their formation and evolution.

Professor Brinks has taught a large range of subjects, from 1st year undergraduate introductory mathematics and physics to final year and MSc level specialised courses in astrophysics.

Why should Physicists consider SpringerPlus?

Pressure to publish in the sciences is greater than ever and scientists are keen to boost their publication record, be it to be able to compete for grants or achieve advancement in ones career. At the same time, governments and funding agencies are experiencing economic pressures and will only fund what is deemed high impact; ‘excellent’ science.

SpringerPlus is fully tracked for Impact Factor and is Open Access. It is inclusive, rather than exclusive in scope and encourages multi- or cross-disciplinary submissions. It uses rigorous peer review that operates with the highest standards. In the short few years since its inception it has fulfilled a genuine need within the physics and astrophysics communities.


For my Editor’s pick this month, I would like to choose the following spotlight article; a true representative of solid Physics.

October promotion

To celebrate our Physics & Astronomy Section this month, we are inviting Physicists to submit their experimental research to SpringerPlus free of charge throughout October. Please upload your manuscript to our online submission system via our Editorial Manager site, choose the Physics & Astronomy Section, and input the code below.


*Please note: this code is only valid for Physics & Astronomy submissions, and will expire on November 1st 2015. Waiver applications using this code for any other Section, or submitted after October 2015, will be rejected*

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