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About the new EPJ app that includes our journals, EPJ Data Science, EPJ Nonlinear Biomedical Physics, EPJ Quantum Technology, and EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation.


Late last month, our partners in the European Physical Journal released an EPJ-specific app to both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. I downloaded the iOS version to my iPhone and iPad a few weeks ago, and I’ve had the chance to experiment with it.

The first thing I’d mention, as this is the SpringerOpen blog, is that the app does cover EPJ’s open access sections, including the journals they publish with us, Data Science, Nonlinear Biomedial Physics, Quantum Technology, and Techniques and Instrumentation.

The app makes everything EPJ easy to find, and makes clear which journals (including the ones published with EDP) are OA. It also makes it easy to find information about thematic series and special issues (in the traditional journals), and it has an easy-to-read design. For me, the one thing missing was that the app provides only PDFs of articles, and doesn’t offer a link to the HTML versions, like the ones we host at But as this is this app’s first iteration, perhaps that feature might make its debut in a future releases.btn_apple_store_en

btn_google_play_enYou can get the app at the Apple App Store here, and at Google Play here.

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