Open—and also “free”

Yes—it is possible to publish gold open access (open access where your article is freely available immediately, and where you keep the copyright) without paying an article-processing charge. Here’s how. And why.

Economists have a cliché: There’s no such thing as a free lunch. And I do believe that, if someone’s providing services—publishing services like managing peer review, permanent hosting, and search engine optimization for example, it’s going to have a cost.

[T]hese generous organizations make it possible for us to publish quality research, fully open access, without authors having to pay from their research grants.

But—what there is—are lunches where someone else has generously and kindly covered the costs. Bringing this back to SpringerOpen, what this means is that a significant number of our open access journals are sponsored by institutions and philanthropies. This means that those third parties have covered all of the publishing costs, and that means that you can publish in these journals, with all of the benefits of open access, without paying any article-processing charges.

These groups are generous for a mix of reasons. Some to promote the benefits of open access and help encourage the shift to open access for publishing overall. Some to help gain more international recognition for the research their members are doing. Some to bring more attention to their discipline and national research communities as a whole. Whatever the reasons, these generous organizations make it possible for us to publish quality research, fully open access, without authors having to pay from their research grants.

Below I’ve listed some of our sponsored journals, along with their sponsoring organizations. If any are publishing in your discipline, I’d encourage you to check them out.

Journal Journal Home Page
3 Biotech
Applied Nanoscience
Applied Petrochemical Research
Applied Water Science
Arabian Journal of Mathematics
Biophysics Reports
Brain Informatics
Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences
Business Research
Complex & Intelligent Systems
Computational Visual Media
Data Science and Engineering
Earthquake Science
European Journal of Futures Research
Fashion and Textiles
Forest Ecosystems
International Aquatic Research
International Journal of Coal Science & Technology
International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials
International Journal of Disaster Risk Science
International Journal of Geo-Engineering
International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Journal of Advanced Ceramics
Journal of Children’s Orthopaedics
Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy
Journal of Modern Transportation
Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology
Latin American Economic Review
Lingua Sinica
Logistics Research
Materials for Renewable and Sustainable Energy
Nano-Micro Letters
Natural Products and Bioprospecting
Pacific Journal of Mathematics for Industry
Petroleum Science
Photonic Sensors
Protein & Cell
Science China Life Sciences
Strategies in Trauma and Limb Reconstruction
Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy
Vietnam Journal of Computer Science
International Journal of Implant Dentistry
Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy
International Journal of Dharma Studies
Journal of Chinese Management
Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences
Molecular and Cellular Pediatrics
Large-scale Assessments in Education
The Journal of Chinese Sociology
Journal of Analytical Science and Technology
International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy
Nano Convergence
Journal of International Humanitarian Action
Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems
New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science
Probability, Uncertainty and Quantitative Risk
Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training
Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning
Asian Journal of German and European Studies
Fields Mathematics Education Journal
The Journal of Global Positioning Systems
Journal of Uncertainty Analysis and Applications
China Finance and Economic Review
Asian-Pacific Journal of Second and Foreign Language Education
Micro and Nano Systems Letters
Bioresources and Bioprocessing
Asian Journal of Sustainability and Social Responsibility
Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research
Functional Linguistics
Life Sciences, Society and Policy
Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications
Progress in Orthodontics

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