Monthly Archives: October 2016

Open access in Latin America


D Did you know… Unrestricted access to scientific research cuts two ways for those outside research’s traditional strongholds in the U.S. and Western Europe. Open access does not only bring research to areas like the global south. Open access also brings the great work being done in places like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and elsewhere in… Read more »

Speak up and out against contract cheating


In the context of Global Ethics Day, October 19th is the International Day of Action against Contract Cheating, aiming at raising awareness against cheating behaviors in universities that undermine the quality and integrity of the educational system. Prof. Tracey Bretag, Editor-in-Chief of the open access International Journal of Educational Integrity, is among the supporting members of the initiative, and talks with us about it.

Open access to high energy physics assured to 2019 by SCOAP3

(Guest post by Grace Baynes) Earlier this month, CERN announced that SCOAP3, the pioneering initiative to enable open access in high-energy physics, will be extended for a further three years to December 2019. SCOAP3—the Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics is a partnership of 3,000 libraries, funding agencies and research centers in… Read more »

Lower secondary school-leavers: Still a gender-biased education system?


A new paper published in the ERVET journal focuses on the specific sub-group of those students who leave school when they reach the lower secondary level (16 years old) — traditionally labelled as ‘school losers’ — entering apprenticeships or technical education paths. If boys are generally underperforming at school compared to girls, the research finds that, in this kind of students, female adolescents are more disadvantaged, delineating a gender-specific nature of the vocational education and training system.