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Zircon crystals as recorder of the Earth’s magnetic field

(Guest post by Masahiko Sato) Geomagnetic field paleointensity data provide critical information about the thermal evolution of the Earth, and the state of the geomagnetic field has been closely related to the surface environment. While it is pivotal to understand the variations in geomagnetic field intensity through the history of the Earth, data are still… Read more »

The Journal of Big Data has been accepted into Scopus

The Journal of Big Data has recently been accepted into Scopus, an extensive database of peer-reviewed literature. Editors-in-Chief Borko Furht and Taghi Khoshgoftaar reflect on the computer science journal’s past, present, and exciting future.

Potential fault slip areas are still left in Nepal?


(Guest post by Tomokazu Kobayashi) SAR satellite observation A satellite-based observation has a strong point in that spatially comprehensive ground information can be grasped at once even in a vast region. A synthetic aperture radar interferometry (InSAR) is an application technique of SAR observation by which we can remotely measure ground deformation with centimeter-level accuracy with… Read more »