New questions need new techniques

The EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation brings new experimental techniques to help answer questions at physics' forefront.

What if there were a sort of “protocols” journal for experimental physics? A journal that would report on new tools and techniques for exploring physics’ research frontiers?

Even better—what if it were open access?

You can probably see where I’m going with this—there is such a journal… And that’s EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation. One of the fully open access sections of the European Physical Journal, EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation seeks to share new experimental techniques, approaches, designs—and the instrumentation that goes with them—being used to explore areas from low temperature physics to high energy physics.

Edited by Stephen Buckman of the Australian National University, Peter Grutter of McGill University (Canada), and Martin Hegner of Trinity College, Ireland, EPJ TI (for short) is a full part of the European Physical Journal, co-published by Springer Nature, the Italian Physical Society, and EDP Sciences.

We’ve gathered some particular highlights from the journal, including special colloquia and selected reviews here: Plus you can find another recent review here: Sympathetic cooling of molecular ions with ultracold atoms by Eric R. Hudson.

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