Recent titanium dioxide articles from Nanoscale Research Letters

A rather versatile material, titanium dioxide (TiO2) has no shortage of uses. At the nanoscale, researchers have made TiO2-carbon nanotubes, have doped perovskite solar cells with TiO2 nanorod arrays, and have used those nanorods with tungsten trioxide in light-emitting devices, and more.

All of these applications, and more, were described in recent articles published in Nanoscale Research Letters. For ease of use, I’ve gathered a handful of the more recent articles in one place.

As Nanoscale Research Letters has “nano” in its name, these articles all deal with TiO2 at the nanoscale. We’ve even got a review article in this collection, looking at the uses of nano-TiO2 photo semiconductors in agriculture.

You can also find out more about Nanoscale Research Letters here.

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