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European Transport Research Review’s Contribution to Earth Day

dirty planet

Pollution is the third theme of our Earth Week 2017. Carbon dioxide is the main pollutant, but how is it produced? In this blog, Professor Karst Geurs, the Editor-in-Chief of European Transport Research Review explains how transportation benefits society, but also has a negative effect on us and the environment.

Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Low-Carbon Electricity

Earth Day: Sustainability and Sustainable Energy

Sustainability and sustainable energy are hot topics in environmental protection, and are also the second theme of Earth Week 2017. We are honored to welcome the Guest Editor-in-Chief of the special issue for the Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy to talk about how “Low-Carbon Electricity” can help save our planet.

Forests and the Environment – a Perspective from New Zealand

Earth Day: Plants, Trees and Forests

To recall the core theme for last year’s Earth Day (“Trees”), the topic of the first day of the Earth Week 2017 is “Plants, Trees and Forest”. We are delighted to welcome Dr. Ruth Falshaw, the Editor-in-Chief of New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science, again to talk about the environmental benefit of forests, from the perspective of New Zealand.

Forest Ecosystems

Earth Day: Plants, Trees and Forests

Klaus v. Gadow, Editor-in-Chief, and Li Hui, Managing Editor of Forest Ecosystems tell us how forests offer massive potential for research that benefits both the general public and other scientists, for the Earth Week 2017.