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Highlights from the Pacific Journal of Mathematics for Industry

The Pacific Journal of Mathematics for Industry (PJMI) publishes exciting research right at the interface of Mathematics and Industry. Articles focus on how through the use of mathematical results, important industrial problems can be answered to yield new insight for both industry and mathematics. A number of recent original research articles demonstrate some of the big challenges that research published in PJMI tackles.

Girls, how does it feel studying physics?


Prompted by previous research observing that engagement in science is strongly influenced by what happens outside school, researchers from Murdoch University wanted to find out what successful female students think influenced their engagement in high school physics. Physics is regarded as a high-status subject, although sometimes viewed as a “boy’s subject”. The picture that emerges around females’ enrollment choices in science, recently published in a paper on the International Journal of STEM Education, is multi-faceted.

Importance of rheological heterogeneity for interpreting viscoelastic relaxation at a subduction earthquake

Guest post by Hisashi Suito Postseismic deformation is commonly observed following large earthquake. This postseismic deformation is thought to be caused by three mechanisms: afterslip, viscoelastic relaxation, and poroelastic rebound. Short-term deformation near the rupture zone is considered to be caused mainly by the afterslip or, at times, poroelastic rebound. It is commonly interpreted that… Read more »