Summer School in Neurogeometry, July 2-14, Cortona, Italy

The scope of this meeting is to provide students at the end of their Masters degree or at the beginning of their PhD with an introduction to Neurogeometry. The instruments of differential geometry in anisotropic structures and experimental brain data allow the construction of efficient models of the visual cortex, with applications to image processing.

Each participant is required to follow all the courses which will last for 10 hours a week of lectures.  In addition, the participants themselves will be asked to participate in the problem sessions and in the seminars that will be organised in the afternoons.

Dmitri Alekseevsky (Russian Academy of Science)
Giovanna Citti (UNIBO)
Jean Petitot (CAMS-EHESS)
Alessandro Sarti (CAMS-EHESS)

For more information about the Summer School in Neurogeometry, July 2-14, Cortona, Italy visit

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