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Words matter: can language be used ‘responsibly’ in science?

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When certain metaphors and language is used in science, can we distinguish between metaphors that are used unconsciously or lazily and metaphors which are chosen purposefully to stimulate hopes, fears, financial investment, emotional reactions, or even prejudices and barriers? An editorial published in Life Sciences, Society and Policy, launching a new collection of papers, investigates the impact of language science, policy and public in the context of biology and life sciences.

Introducing CVIR Endovascular

It is our honour to invite Professor Jim A Reekers, the Editor-in-Chief of CVIR Endovascular, to talk about our new open access and open peer review journal.

Out in the city with Pokémon Go


In the summer of 2016 Pokémon Go took the world by storm. Millions of people across the globe descended on their streets, searching their neighbourhoods for monsters. Much has been reported on the health benefits that players gained from using the app; now, research published in EPJ Data Science explores how Pokémon Go was able to change the pulse of a city, encouraging people to use areas in ways they didn’t previously.

Photonic Sensors

Photonic Sensors

A sponsored open access journal covering optical fiber sensors, planar waveguide sensors, and biophotonic sensors.

Smell of Heritage: The Historic Book Odour Wheel


‘Some people say that it’s the smell of dying books’ Matija exclaims ‘and I just find that absolutely fascinating’. He is, of course, talking about volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the smell that they emit when paper degrades. We visited St. Paul’s cathedral to learn more about the importance of historical smells from the authors of a paper published in the SpringerOpen Journal, Heritage Science.

Winter School on Deterministic and Stochastic Models in Neuroscience – December 11-15, 2017, Toulouse, France

We are glad to announce that from the 11th to the 15th of December 2017 a Winter School on Deterministic and Stochastic Models in Neuroscience will take place at the Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse in France. The main objective of this event is to organise a winter school around stochastic and deterministic models arising in neuroscience by providing a… Read more »