Monthly Archives: December 2017

Promoting kids’ knowledge of their own and others’ emotions

Emotional Intelligence

Children communicate through expressions of emotion, which is our first language universally. Knowing one’s own and others’ emotions, as well as regulating them, is what is known as emotional competence or, in common parlance, emotional intelligence. Caregivers and early childhood educators are crucial in promoting the growth of these skills. A new review article published in International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy examines the effects emotional competence might have in a child’s life and development, and how that skill can be supported and enhanced through school programs.

Creating national transport policies around the world

National Policy

Governments are not only responsible for building and maintaining transport infrastructure, but also have the vital role to develop and implement policies to regulate transportation itself. Sir Tony May and Prof. Guenter Emberger guide us through the challenges that this task presents in the collection on National Transport Policy that they recently edited for the journal European Transport Research Review.