Monthly Archives: July 2018

Risk and hardship on the way to Europe: what makes women migrants vulnerable in EU borderlands?


Research published today in Comparative Migration Studies documents the daily lives and struggles of pregnant migrants at EU borders, an under-examined and under-communicated topic. Here the authors share the challenges and dangers pregnant migrants face, uncovered in their year-long investigation. They also share personal accounts from the women themselves.

Litter mapping is a new field of citizen science and blockchain rewards offer a whole new paradigm


Nowadays, and especially in big cities, litter is everywhere. We often don’t even notice it anymore. However, if we started noticing it again, and started putting it into a database, what could that data tell us about a certain area and the kind of litter that can be found there? Would there be only benefits, or are there any risks associated with that kind of citizen science? Seán Lynch elaborates on these questions in his new study on Litter Mapping, published in Open Geospatial Data, Software and Standards.