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Open access across all the disciplines; here you’ll find highlights and opinions on the best research SpringerOpen publishes, as well as insights and perspectives on open access publishing (especially in the disciplines beyond biology and medicine).

The staff writes most posts, but we will also host commentary from Editors, Editorial Board Members, and other special guests.


  • Ana Valente

    Author profile image Ana studied astrophysics and cosmology at the universities of Porto and Heidelberg. She joined Springer Nature in 2016 as development editor of open-access journals in physical sciences.

  • dancaley

  • Erica Gordon-Mallin

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  • Francesca Martin

    Author profile image Francesca graduated from Uppsala University with an MSc in Immunology & Infection Biology. She joined BioMed Central in June 2016.

  • helengienger

  • mariusjung

  • Regina Baur

    Author profile image Regina Baur is a Marketing Manager at SpringerOpen. She joined Springer in 2012 and is now responsible for the marketing activities of the SpringerOpen engineering and energy journal portfolios.

  • Roberto Garbero

    Author profile image Roberto studied linguistics and literature at the University of Milan. He joined Springer in 2011 and is now Senior Development Editor of open access journals in the field of education, social sciences and ethics.

  • Scott Epstein

    Author profile image A journal marketer with over 20 years’ experience (the last 12 with Springer/SpringerOpen), Scott started out as an Editorial Assistant in physics book acquisitions, and spent time at various other publishing houses before landing at Springer. He managed the marketing roll-out of Nanoscale Research Letters, Springer’s first major open access journal, and one of its most successful. He tweets about science and open access at @ScottSprgrOpen.

  • Wakey Lau

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