Interview with Leonel Sousa—Editor-in-Chief of the EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems

In this interview, which is part of our SpringerOpen EURASIP journals blog post series, you will learn more about the field of embedded systems and mobile devices from Leonel Sousa, the Editor-in-Chief of our EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems. Besides talking about his journal and its focus, he tells us his opinion on open access and more.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I received a Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST), Universidade de Lisboa (UL), Lisbon, Portugal, in 1996, where I am currently a Full Professor. I perform my research at Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores (INESC-ID), an R&D institution affiliated with IST. My research interests include embedded systems, VLSI and computer architectures, computer arithmetic, and high performance computing. I have contributed to more than 200 papers in various journals and international conferences, for which I got several awards, as well as to the organization of several international conferences. I am a Fellow of the IET, a Distinguished Member of the ACM, and a Senior Member of the IEEE. Apart from my professional activities, I have a wonderful family, thanks to my wife and my two lovely children.

Why did you decide to become Editor-in-Chief of the EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems at the time, and what are your ambitions for the journal in the future?

EURASIP_JESI had an extensive experience as Associate Editor of several scientific and technical journals, and I was already an Associate Editor of the EURASIP Journal on Embedded System (JES) since its foundation. I  accepted the challenge of becoming Editor-in-Chief to recover the journal from a bad time. I am very confident about the success of this journal. Its scope covers a broad range of topics within the area of embedded systems  and I am very lucky to count on an outstanding Editorial Board.

How has the journal’s field advanced in the last few years and what do you think will be an important focus of research in the next several years?

It is most likely that […] the area of embedded systems will become completely different

The field of embedded and mobile devices has evolved a lot. It is most likely that, in the next five years, the area of embedded systems will become completely different. On the one hand, with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cyber-physical systems, embedded systems will play a central role in the interconnection of the real world with the new technologies, devices and facilities, being in charge of the computation and the communication. On the other hand, embedded systems have already started being fundamental in High Performance Computing (HPC) and will be instrumental to reach the exascale computing era.

What advice would you give a researcher before submitting to the EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems?

Choose the EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems to submit the best of your research, and prepare the manuscript carefully, because bad writing can kill a good work.

How do you see open access helping (or not) the development of your EURASIP journal?

I believe that open access facilitates the dissemination of the work and of the manuscripts in the future, therefore being a clear advantage. Nevertheless, it may pose some additional difficulties to attract good papers in competition.

Visit the journal website to learn more about the EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems.


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