The 251st ACS National Meeting: Computers in Chemistry

San Diego recently hosted the 251st National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, the Springer chemistry team were there and share our highlights below!

The 251st American Chemical Society (ACS) National meeting took place in San Diego, March 13-17, the theme of which was computers in chemistry. The Springer chemistry team were there exhibiting the latest offerings from Springer, including some of the fantastic fully open-access chemistry journals from SpringerOpen.

acs 1

We were also able to congratulate our Editorial Board member from the broad scope chemistry journal Chemistry Central Journal, Professor Edward Solomon who received the Alfred Bader Award in Bioinorganic or Bioorganic Chemistry. The award was given in recognition of his work on developing spectroscopic methods and defining electronic structure contributions to function in electron transfer and dioxygen activation and reduction by copper and iron metalloenzymes.

ACSOther highlights included fantastic talks from Journal of Cheminformatics Editorial Board Members, Professor Jeremy Frey on mobile interfaces for a digital research notebook and Professor Dusanka Janezic on the recent algorithmic developments for prediction and dynamics of ligands in protein binding sites. The ‘Green Chemistry & the Environment‘ symposium organised by Professor Rafael Luque from the Sustainable Chemical Processes Editorial Board provided an interesting insight into recent developments in this ever expanding field including Professor Christophe Len’s talk on new methods for organic synthesis in water. We were also honoured to attend the receptions of the Chemical Information Division of the ACS as a sponsor and the ACS Geochemistry Division where we gave a presentation on Geochemical Transactions, the official journal of the division.

The 252nd ACS National Meeting will be held in Philadelphia this August, we hope to see many of you there!!

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