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The Journal of Organization Design (JOD) is the official journal of the Organizational Design Community. Editors-in-Chief Børge Obel and Charles C. Snow, talk about the journal and their thoughts on open access.

(Guest post by Børge Obel and Charles C. Snow)

Børge Obel

Organization design is an applied discipline based on the literature of the organization sciences. The relevant knowledge base is diverse, including concepts, theories, and research findings from fields such as economics, psychology, sociology, management, and information technology. The Journal of Organization Design (JOD) is the only academic journal focused on the subject of organization design.

The ambition of JOD is to publish theoretically sound and practically relevant articles on organization design. JOD offers authors a variety of article formats to present their work: Research, Point of View, Translational, Case Study, and Urgent Issue. In addition, JOD publishes research primers in which the author focuses on a particular topic and describes its implications for organization design theory or practice. Lastly, the Organization Zoo is a forum for the analysis of new or unusual organizational forms.

C Snow Portrait
Charles C. Snow

JOD was established in 2012 as an open access journal. Its founders believe that open access is the best means of publishing scientific research, and JOD is excited about its association with Springer Open. Open access publishing makes research knowledge freely and widely available, enhances global visibility for authors and their work, and increases opportunities for both the producers and users of scientific research.

JOD is a top-quality journal. The journal is double blind, peer reviewed, ensuring that research is properly vetted before it is published. The editorial board is composed of esteemed researchers in the field of organization design. The review process is efficient, so authors are able to have their ideas and research findings published in a timely manner. JOD hopes to expand and become even more valuable now that it is part of the Springer Open system.

We encourage both researchers and practitioners to submit their work to JOD.

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