SpringerOpen and the physics of cancer research

The American Association for Cancer Research meeting highlights advances in fighting cancer. Biophysics and convergence are part of that fight.

This year’s American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting (April 1-5, Washington, DC) has the theme, “Research propelling cancer prevention and cures.” And when we think of this, we typically first think about biology and medicine.

But the quest to prevent and cure cancer relies as well on physics (biophysics), chemistry, and nanotechnology. Exploring the intracellular thermodynamics and biophysics of chemistry—which happens at the nanoscale—promises to offer answers on how cancer gets started, and therefore on how to stop it.

SpringerOpen has been particularly active in the physical sciences approaches to cancer research. As I’ve written previously, we have one journal dedicated to convergence in cancer research; and we also have one focused on nanotechnology in cancer. Larger journals such as Nanoscale Research Letters and Applied Nanoscience also publish cancer-related research.

Cancer Convergence  C-Editor-in-Chief Krasten Blagoev and Associate Editor Herbert Levine will be at the AACR meeting. If you have questions about the journal, ask at the Springer Nature booth 2738.

To learn more about what we’ve got going on at AACR, visit our conference page.

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