Applied Network Science celebrates its first year

Our new journal is off to a great start.

Applied Network Science published its first articles not quite a year ago—at the start of June last year. You may also recall that the Co-Editors-in-Chief, Hocine Cherifi and Ronaldo Menezes, published a blog post introducing the journal right at the same time.

Since we started publishing, we’ve published 22 articles, including a handful of particular note that the Editors selected as being of interest. Among these is a a review titled, “Disconnected, fragmented, or united? A trans-disciplinary review of network science” by César A. Hidalgo, published last month. Since its publication, this review has earned an Altmetric™ score—which tracks news and social media mentions—of 77 (which includes a news blog mention on the MoneyScience “Complexity Digest” blog, and 89 tweets), from more than 5,000 article accesses.

In addition, the journal has a number of thematic article series in development:

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