Introducing CVIR Endovascular

It is our honour to invite Professor Jim A Reekers, the Editor-in-Chief of CVIR Endovascular, to talk about our new open access and open peer review journal.

Professor Reekers, please introduce yourself.

I have been a full-time interventionalist for almost 30 years with the main focus on vascular diseases. I am a professor of Radiology and Interventional Radiology at the University of Amsterdam. I see it as my personal achievement that I have been able to contribute to building the house of IR as it is today. From 2007 to 2009 I served as president of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE).

What are your hopes and plans for the new journal CVIR Endovascular?

We think it is important to offer publication opportunity for good endovascular papers within the CIRSE family with no limitation in pages. Secondly, we want to reach out to the other medical specialists in the field of endovascular treatment and offer a forum where all endovascular groups come together and discuss.

How do you see open access developing in your field?

I think open access publication on endovascular treatment will be settled on a European level within the next couple of years. Many European hospitals and academic institutions have already made deals with the major scientific publishers to receive waivers or reductions for open access publications. We also see that many institutions providing research grants now ask for open access publication of the results.

What made you decide to run an Open Peer Review journal?

Firstly, more transparency for the readers and acknowledgment of reviewers. The second thing is that I hope reviewers will understand their changing role from “quick judge” to mentor when they write their review comments. Every medical specialty needs their experienced peers to rely upon and to make the specialty grow, and CVIR Endovascular will offer that.

What advice do you have for authors submitting their manuscript to the journal?

CVIR Endovascular is welcoming submissions on: venous and arterial interventions, vascular malformations, non-oncological embolization, peripheral vascular interventions, aortic interventions, carotid interventions and emergency medicine. The journal also wants to connect to young and first-time authors, as reflected in our editorial board. If you want to maximise dissemination and global impact of your work then, you should publish with or in CVIR Endovascular.

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