Robert Finn: Boundary Value Problem’s featured Board Member

As previously mentioned with Fixed Point Theory and Applications, Boundary Value Problems is also honoring Editorial Board Members. This quarter’s honoree is Robert Finn.

There is, in mathematics, the idea that only the young can do great work. For example, the Fields Medal (Mathematics’ most prestigious prize) is only awarded to mathematicians under the age of 40. But does this trope still apply?

In honoring Robert Finn this quarter, the Editors of Boundary Value Problems have chosen to highlight the ongoing work of a mathematician in his ninth decade. As Co-Editor-in-Chief Ravi Agarwal put it, “[The w]orld should know mathematics can be done actively even at the age of 95.”

Robert Finn’s career has largely been motivated by problems of fluid mechanics, which lead to mathematical interpretations within the disciplines of Analysis and of Geometry. And he continues to contribute to the field. You’ll find a list of Dr. Finn’s recent Springer publications here, and a more complete biography here.

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